“3 Generations Hike “Trips Falls Laughs and Breaking The 4th Wall” // Hike 23/52 {S2 E23}”

In case you missed it; because you were enjoying Thanksgiving with your friends and family, here’s Friday night’s adventure.

A couple of times a year we get together, 3 generations, to hike, talk and have fun. We have been doing this since my grandson was 5 years old. Now, at 9, he is a ball of talkative energy. Check out our last hike together for the year. And if you haven’t already, subscribe to the channel so you’ll never miss an episode again. Thank you for watching….

“An Anniversary Gift For The Masses!!” // Mohonk Preserve Testimonial Gateway Hike 21/52 {S2 E22}”

In case you missed it. Here’s Friday Night’s adventure. In fact why don’t you go ahead and subscribe to the channel so you will never miss an episode.

In this week’s adventure we had an unscheduled change in our plans. We arrived at our original trail to hike and found that it was closed. We were redirected to a new and unfamiliar trail. The rest… well you’ll find out.

“Father and Daughter “High Point”// Hike 19/52 {S2 E18}”

In case you missed it, in this week’s episode we go to the highest point in New Jersey. From the top of this trail in High Point State Park you can see three states at once. New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania! Crazy right? This was a pretty long moderate hike, it took us 5 hours to complete the 4 mile loop and we were mentally exhausted at the end. It was one of those days when you get half way through and think “Lord… I can’t go on…”

Come jump in the backseat and take a ride with us and experience adventure through our eyes…

Another Uncle Tom

The first Uncle Tom film focused on black conservatives, something people, mostly liberals say doesn’t exist. Especially since they have labeled conservatives “racist” and bigots for decades. So when considering Americans blacks as conservatives it is generally met with mockery. They are called Uncle Tom and worse…

Uncle Tom 2 goes a great deal further. Focusing on religious faith, Socialism communism, blm and the sinister use of black Americans for the advancement of the agenda and so much more. The documentary goes far more deeper than the first…

“A Journey Through Time” // Are We History Buffs Now? {S2 E17}”

August has been a long and weird month for us. Not hiking makes me nuts! But during this hiatus we took roadtrips and went camping as well. In this week’s adventure we head out to Massachusetts to visit the birth place of the Revolutionary War… and more! Jump in the backseat and take a ride with us

“Ice Cream, Hamburgers, Golf, REI…and Chris Stapleton” // 3 Generations Road trip {S2 E16}

In case you missed it, here’s Friday’s adventure. During the month of August we’re on a break from hiking and decided to hit the road. This week we take family with us on a quest for ice cream and fun. In the coming episodes we will be visiting the birth place of the Revolutionary War as well as an upcoming 4 day camping trip up in Nigeria, NY. God willing, we will be bringing you along for the ride.

Until then enjoy our first road trip….

“Rocks, Farts and Poetry In The Woods” // Hike 14/52 {S2 E14}” on YouTube

Here’s Friday night’s adventure just in case you missed it. We set out on the longest and hardest hike of the season. The trail is covered in rocks and the body is pushed to its limit. This is in two parts because it was a lengthy hike…

“Fairies Mosquitoes and Remembrance”// Father Daughter 52 Hike Challenge {S2 E12}”

In case missed it. In this week’s adventure we head out to Tenafly Nature Center amid summer heat. We get savagely attacked by mosquitoes and see where Fairies live. Along the way TK explains Fairy lore.

But this also happens to mark 6 years of the passing of my wife and TK’s mother. But we set out to enjoy life instead of dwelling on the pain of the past. Because out of that loss came life… the life in the outdoors, the wilderness we have come to love. The places where the slow process of healing from that loss was for us. Today it’s more than just an escape…

Click on the link and take a ride with us and experience adventure through our eyes.



In case missed it. Here’s Friday night’s adventure. As we continue our 52HikeChallenge journey, we spend the day on a light hike after returning from Tennessee. We have two new devices to help us while out in the wild. A brand new GoPro “Hero 10” and “Seek” an app by iNaturalist to help us identify plant and animal life in nature. Seek is so cool! Hey, jump in the backseat and take a ride with us and experience this adventure through our eyes. Let’s study the world together.

“Father and Daughter No Water, No Food, No Poles…ASMR Hike” // Hike 9/52 {S2 E9}” on YouTube

In case you missed it. In this episode of the Friday Night Adventure, we closed out our 10 day roadtrip to Tennessee. Lovingly called “Tennessee The Sequel”. On the road back north we stopped at a campsite for the night in Maryland. And decided to take an impromptu hike before continuing on to New York. If you ever wondered what an ASMR hike would sound like, then you’re in luck. You get to hear the sounds of the wild and two people gasping for air. All for your enjoyment and encouragement. Come on, jump in the backseat and take a ride with us…

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