“In The Apartments Next To Mine” Book Excerpt 5

The snow swallowed the city in a dome of white and grey.  Every so often you could see a faint flash of red or yellow.  If you were able to see it sharply, it was too late; the vehicle was already too close. She was awakened by a gentle touch and whisked away to theContinue reading ““In The Apartments Next To Mine” Book Excerpt 5”

“The Edges of Madness” pt. 1

The sun eased its way into the sky, soon it would uncover the events of last night…     “How about her?…She really hot!” Roland said. Excited to be invited to the night ride. Jay snatched him by the collar. “This is not some sick sexual fantasy!” He let him go. “Him, I want him…go bringContinue reading ““The Edges of Madness” pt. 1″