“Starting Over Series” In case you missed it…

The Starting Over Series is a labor of love and triumphs. When my daughter and I begin sharing our new in the outdoors, with camping and hiking on YouTube, we didn’t imagine sharing a bit more of our personal lives.   Never did we think…or more apply, believe we would ever move out of NYC.Continue reading ““Starting Over Series” In case you missed it…”

“Starting Over”

Starting over is not just one of my favorite songs and album by Chris Stapleton, it is what my daughter and just did. When my wife died 6 years ago I wanted to move, however as many people, when dealing with loss and grief there is no rule on when “It’s time…” I spent theContinue reading ““Starting Over””

“Fairies Mosquitoes and Remembrance”// Father Daughter 52 Hike Challenge {S2 E12}”

In case missed it. In this week’s adventure we head out to Tenafly Nature Center amid summer heat. We get savagely attacked by mosquitoes and see where Fairies live. Along the way TK explains Fairy lore. But this also happens to mark 6 years of the passing of my wife and TK’s mother. But weContinue reading ““Fairies Mosquitoes and Remembrance”// Father Daughter 52 Hike Challenge {S2 E12}””

With And Without Her: “Abandoned”

A few days away Hello dear reader, it’s been a while since I’ve spoken to you. I tend to wait until I have something to say. And when it comes to this subject, grief that is, I thought I was done writing about it. Though it is the backdrop today it isn’t the main subject…Continue reading “With And Without Her: “Abandoned””

“Prophets Of Gloom”

As I scrolled through my Facebook page in recent months I’ve noticed that I lot of people, myself included, are frustrated. They’re feed up with politics, life, finance issues and so on. But I have also noticed plenty of comments and memes expressing the removal of people who “bring me down” “Always so gloomy” “haveContinue reading ““Prophets Of Gloom””

“Becoming Unglued, When The World Looks Different”

I was thinking about what to write about last Friday. I had a couple of choices at the beginning of the week then I read a Facebook post that reminded me of something I wrote. In my book there is a story called Kaleidoscope, it’s a story about a family dealing with a member’s mentalContinue reading ““Becoming Unglued, When The World Looks Different””