T. Anthony Bland was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. His first book “In The Apartments Next to Mine”, is a collection of short stories about everyday people. Urban life in the “big city” is the backdrop for most of the stories in the book. But you will also find suburban surroundings as well.
Although he grew up in the Public Houses(the Projects)in the Bronx, T. Anthony Bland didn’t just stay there. In fact, he spent most of his life traveling to work in Manhattan and Queens, NY. He even worked in Long Island as a school bus driver. He was a Head male Counselor at a camp for children and adults with disabilities up in Putnam County, NY surrounded by mountains and trees. He spent 7 years working in the Autistic community assisting children and their families at a Day School.   He has traveled to Jamaica, Florida, San Francisco, Oregon, Pennsylvania and New Orleans…and you can and will find all these elements incorporated in his storytelling.

   Included in the collection is “Speaking Chinese” which he released earlier in the Fall of 2014, it has been updated. The story focuses on a family of 1st. and 2nd generation Americans. Being married to a wife whose parents are from Belize helped to add elements to this story. So, as you can see there is more to this author than what “meets the eye” and surely there are more stories and books to come.
In his spare time he loves listening to Jazz and reading Autobiographies, vegetating in front of the TV watching movies, screaming at the television during football season and in his spare, spare time, he fights hordes of zombies with his incredibly, awesomely beautiful wife, Sharol. 

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