“Starting Over Series” In case you missed it…

The Starting Over Series is a labor of love and triumphs. When my daughter and I begin sharing our new in the outdoors, with camping and hiking on YouTube, we didn’t imagine sharing a bit more of our personal lives.

  Never did we think…or more apply, believe we would ever move out of NYC. It was a hope and desire for me after my wife died. And a wide eyed dream for my daughter, who wanted to move immediately after her mother’s death. But it took a number of years for it to happen. For me to get to place where I would no longer allow fear to hold me back. And a bout with deep depression to boot. Finally in one of my lowest points of depression, frustration and disappointment, I said “let’s get out of here!”. Within a month and half a plan we drove across the George Washington bridge heading south. Landing for the moment in Tennessee…

    Tennessee has so much to offer as far as the Outdoors are concerned. Its a great “Basecamp” for us. Plenty of colleges for The Kid as well as job and career opportunities. For me, meeting new people and seeing the sun and open sky. The series chronicles a bit of the process of moving and us returning to hiking. We’d hope to end the series with us moving into our new home… but we’ll see how that goes. For now, enjoy the series and for diehard fans of “Whitebeard and TK” (The Kid) we have lots of hiking, camping and roadtrips to share with you.

Part 4 of the series airs this Friday night. Click on the link for the Starting Over Series. Subscribe and share it too. There’s plenty more to see on our channel, so check it out.

Starting Over

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