“Starting Over”

Starting over is not just one of my favorite songs and album by Chris Stapleton, it is what my daughter and just did. When my wife died 6 years ago I wanted to move, however as many people, when dealing with loss and grief there is no rule on when “It’s time…” I spent the first year of that loss writing about in a series called “With and Without Her” . Some writer friends suggested it and they were right, it did help me get through that first year. Shortly after I discovered hiking and my youngest daughter aka TK and I hit the trails. It’s been about 5 years now enjoying the outdoors… a place where I found my healing. But we were still living in the same apartment and walking past the same place where my wife’s body laid…

I finally crashed and slipped into depression 2 years ago…so while were hiking I had to work through another issue. I got to the point when I said “&^%@ it, let’s just leave!” and we did. About 2 months ago we moved south to Tennessee. It’s nowhere close to easy starting life over a 59 years old in a new place, no friends, family, job and so on. In addition to our regular outdoors series, we are chronicling the early stages of our move in a series called “Starting Over”. If you haven’t yet, check it out…

I’m sure how long we will continue the “series” maybe until we get the keys to our new home. But don’t worry we will still bring you along with us hiking, camping and traveling, this is a part of the adventure. A new state, new town, new church, new people to meet, new mountains to climb and new adventures to be had… see you soon.

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