Year after year when something happens that people don’t like or surprised by, they make it a point to quote the current year or century as if it made a difference to the event. For instance, “Oh my god… I can’t believe you said that, it’s 2020”. What difference does it make? If I called you a fool last year, last century or tomorrow? It’s been said, it’s been done nothing will change that.

The year 2020 is no exception. People who are overly dramatic will and have made that declaration. “It’s the worse year ever!” And guess what…? They said that last year when things didn’t go their way or perhaps a love one died or they lost their job and home. See what makes the year good or bad is purely subjective.

I saw this meme and saved it to my phone, I intended to just show a few family members. I stared at it for a bit, it reflected all I’ve been saying this year and years prior. Self fulfilling prophecy.

As the meme suggest and is the actual fact of real life. Some stores and businesses were boarding up and preparing for more of the same poor behavior we’ve seen displayed all year. And this from people who didn’t like the outcome of the last presidential election and spent 5 years, which includes the year before, acting out like children. Each year getting a little worse and each time claiming “someone else” is to blame. Celebrities lead the way with high profile stunts. Politicians egged them on and the media turned up the heat. And… we the people, some, ate it up and turned on one another. So, here we are… preparing for criminal acts. When the election is over today or tonight or tomorrow… then what? Will we or I forget all that you have done to us and this country??? You called me a racist because I voted for someone you disagree with. Now, are we friends again? Especially if your candidate wins. Am I supposed to forget all the cuss words you called me and my neighbors? Forget the distance you created? What about spray painting on my business, building, home? Telling black lives matter while so many die that’s not covered or the many others Americans lives. If “police brutality” is your cause then it should include all those harmed. Or else you’re just as much a bigot as you call the next guy/girl.

There is a reckoning… and it because Americans have lost their way. One neighbor has dug a giant hole for themselves that they can’t possibly get themselves out of. And that, against their neighbors. Will the novel Corona virus suddenly disappear after the election? Will bigotry? How about the newly added bigots, the ones who think their behavior is righteous? What does the “come back” look like? All the celebrities who spewed out hatred…

How will you talk to me now? How will you treat me? How will we ever be able to sit down together after all this….? Some have no clue others simply don’t care because they believe their actions are correct. Let me draw your attention once more to the above photo. Is and have the actions been correct, when you have caused your neighbor, friends, business and employer etc to be frightened? I this truly the American you want?

Dear reader, I am not going to say 2020 is the worse year and I give no answers today merely questions, questions I have and perhaps questions you have but the point is for us to sit down and seriously think… think about what’s been going on and hopefully at some point find a way….

Until next time…

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