“The world of Podcasting”

The Whitebeard and TK Podcast (Trailer) episode of The Whitebeard and TK Podcast https://open.spotify.com/episode/17XuJ231P7PY5m4IjE5xkd?si=xiJl64fzRUaHC-y7qlTbCA

We have been traveling, camping, hiking and just enjoying the Outdoor adventure life for three years now. I’ve been wanting to do a podcast and YouTube channel for at least two of those years. My daughter, more so the YouTube channel. I always thought that the conversations we have in the car, while driving to those adventures, would make and interesting show.

After two years we finally did it. Between episodes 1 and 20 many changes have happened, lol. The name change from The “Whitebeard and The Kid Adventures” to “The Whitebeard and TK Podcast” The idea was to talk about our outdoor life, while that is still a big part of our show, I quickly realized that it was based off of our travel conversations. And we talk about a lot of things, we talk about everything. So, we dropped the “Adventures” as we cover a lot of different subjects or thoughts.

In fact we’ll be going through another change as we add a monthly book club type episode called, “The Book Nook”. Which allows my daughter to host on her own and our monthly political/current events show, I’ll do solo as well. That started as a weekly pet peeve during our regular episodes. But as you know, news in this 24 hour cycle changes fast and is quite annoying. For me, it kept taking up more time, energy and could be stressful. My 17 year daughter didn’t have much to say as the subject didn’t excite her. We moved it to a monthly Special to solely focus on just those subjects. Since it ended up more of a rant and my partner didn’t engage much, I split the team up. I’d take the Special Edition and she’d take the easy/fun episode that followed. It was her idea to do something light after the heavy (I called it) episode.

Another new addition to our show starting in September is, a weekly movie review. Debuting on the first Friday. I’ve love movies since I was a child. I’d stay up late, run home after school to catch the after school special and I’d head down to 42nd street as a teenager, to catch the early show and stay all day. Sometimes I would go from one theater to the next. A few years ago I had a Hubpages blog where I did movie reviews. My daughter also loves movies and binges watching TV shows… soooooo, now we’re adding this weekly soft show, just for us to have fun and hopefully you’ll love it too.

If you’re keeping up that’s from one show weekly to two shows weekly and three shows at the top of the month. Phew!!! In addition to that, we’re trying our best to upgrade our equipment. That will take a bit but so far we went using the bare mic on the cell to putting it a box(lol), to a box with towels and very recently, a box with sound proofing. I did purchase a mic so we could use the laptop, but that will take some time figuring it out. For now we’re using the Anchor FM’s app on the cell. It’s been a long process but the uniqueness of a father and daughter team, just like our hiking, I believe adds to the fun. We can be a bit goofy but we have fun, even if she hates hearing her own voice, Just like when we’re driving. The difference is recreating the atmosphere of the car. At first I tried really hard. But in reality we are standing in front of a microphone not sitting in the car with the windows down. I had to learn to relax, not easy for me, and picture myself behind the wheel. Sometimes I’d close my eyes, lol. Later, I just thought about us discussing the things we always talk about then just let it flow. For me, then it became us talking and others listening in on our conversation. You know what’s funny and frustrating?! Driving to the supermarket having a really really good conversation and thinking dang it! I should have turned on the mic!!! Yep, every single time.

Another cool thing is our age difference. We view things the same most times but also see things differently. Add the that, the male and female differences and anything can happen or go wrong, lol. You can catch us here or wherever podcast are available. Yes that includes all the major spots. Anyway, dear reader, that’s it for now. I hope you’ll join us and I am working on doing more writing too, but my brain can only focus on one thing at a time.

Until next time…

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