“Without Her: 4 Months Later”

6 thoughts on ““Without Her: 4 Months Later””

  1. Although I never met Sharol personally, she was my Jamberry sister. Sista to be exact. Many of us just learned today of her passing. We used to joke in our Jammin’ Sistas group that we left no jammin’s sista behind and we were often in the group so much, many of us never realized we had not friended each other on Fb for our outside lives. Let me just say this, I never personally met her but as soon as I saw her name, I knew who she was. I don’t say that about everyone. So as you already know, she has a presence and it was felt. Your love for your wife is REAL. Every passage I read, I am reminded of the 19 years I have been blessed with in marriage to my husband. We were married the day AFTER you on August 9, 1997. Like you said, there have been many ups, many downs, many trials. We still hold hands every where we go-you are not alone with that. If Prince comes on, everything does stop! We will have an impromptu concert if it’s in a department store-we don’t care who is watching! It’s PRINCE! I wish I could offer you words of more comfort. Just know whatever you feel, whatever you think, it’s valid! Your love affair was real and deep and true. Thank you for writing and sharing with the rest of us. I would have never known just how amazing a woman your wife was unless you did. Keep writing. Even the stuff you think no one is reading. We are. It took me a gazillion tries to remember my user name to log on to comment. My family sends our condolences, love and light.

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    1. No more words than what you have said are needed. Thank you so very much. I’m at my desk eating fighting back the tears. I usually go out. But it’s cool, it’s good to feel. These days I never know when it’s gonna happen.

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