“Prophets Of Gloom”

As I scrolled through my Facebook page in recent months I’ve noticed that I lot of people, myself included, are frustrated. They’re feed up with politics, life, finance issues and so on. But I have also noticed plenty of comments and memes expressing the removal of people who “bring me down” “Always so gloomy” “have a dark cloud overhead that follows them” What’s more amazing is the people writing or creating the memes are supposedly the joyful ones. Those filled with “Hope” and “Gladness” they have “Uplifting” and “Inspirational words of wisdom” Most troubling for me is hearing it come from Christians, I am part of that community myself. In this New modern world of  created “Safe spaces” one hopes that, that community is among the giants of safe spaces. Ahh..but alas, we are dealing with human being…with free will of course.


Here’s a thought and it’s a serious one. One should consider the prophet of gloom. Why? because in the Top Ten list of leading causes of death in America, suicide is #10! It’s not #1 but clearly it’s important enough to be listed.according to thissuicide1Here are some interesting quick facts for you. Gender: The suicide rate among Men are 4x higher than women. Men represent 79% of All suicides. Age: Within every 100,000 Young Adults ages 20-24 there 12.7 suicides. And there is an increase of 30 per 100k in males 50+, with 36 per for ages 75+. The female highest is ages 45-54. For the Elderly who are divorced or widowed, they rank the highest number of suicides within the elderly.according to this

Now, the death rate next to 100,000 doesn’t seem like much and we know that suicide is high with teenagers but doesn’t it strike you as odd at what the highest rates are? suicide2suicide4

They are 79% male, highest between 40-50+, 75+…and females 45-54. They are the somewhat  through-away or forgotten ages. Middle of life, when people just wish you move aside. The age where you have worked for years and raised kids, perhaps they’ve spent years running away from you causing stress with every phone call. At 50+ you find your career snatched from you or illnesses are starting or peaking. The marriage is in its 20th or 25 year and the arguing over the kids, disappearing finances and so on have taking its toll. The Elderly no one has time for, have lived long and lost lots and their aches and pains steals their sleep…

And the 20 year olds are just starting life an become disillusioned when they discover just how hard it was for their parents to live and take care of them.  So…what’s my point to this, right?

For those of you barely hanging on, keep doing so. For those who have been called “doom” and “Gloomy” and have been the subject of such memes and feel pushed to to the side…hold on to HOPE! I get you, I’ve been there…and, for you others.

suicide5Help! If you truly are the ray of sunshine you believe yourself to be, then be be that to the person you say is bringing YOU down. If there is no one around them or even willing to be around them, where on earth do or who do they turn to..?  suicide10 Instead of talking behind their backs, mocking them or using them for fodder; try understanding them. Pop culture has made it its business to tell us who we should except and how to create safe places for certain people… But when it comes to mental illness, depression, the blues and suicide all bets are off. Hey, I even remember hearing that Christians don’t and shouldn’t get depressed some verses. Uh…it’s a fallen and imperfect world, of course they do. Some people even have chemical imbalances within their brains.

Now, the chances are, that person that you say is  bringing you down, won’t kill themselves but can we really be sure. The tendency, dear reader, is to move away from that person and run towards the other rays of sunshine dancing in the field. I’m hoping you’ll consider them, the next time you run into a Prophet of Gloom.  until next time…

For help:a life line Or call 1 (800) 273-8255 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.


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