“The Edges of Madness” pt. 1


The sun eased its way into the sky, soon it would uncover the events of last night…
  “How about her?…She really hot!” Roland said. Excited to be invited to the night ride. Jay snatched him by the collar. “This is not some sick sexual fantasy!” He let him go. “Him, I want him…go bring the truck around. I’ll wait for you at the corner”
“The dealer, what if he has a gun or something?!”
  “I’ll take care of it, you just get to the corner” Jay pulled his sweater down over his old revolver then yanked his hood over his bald head. He dashed across street and stopped between two vans, looking to see if anyone noticed him, then casually walked up to the dealer…
  “Listen…I’m looking for something special for my party tonight. You think you could help me?” The tattooed giant sized him up. The soft bottom shoes, tan cargo pants and navy wind breaker didn’t seem threatening. He wasn’t a cop but something was off about the guy.
  Jay’s eyebrow rose when he realized the dealer was suspicious. His hand whipped across his stomach and pulled out the gun…In a flash, the brown butt of the revolver hit the behemoth between the eyes. He fell back into Roland’s arms.
  “Good timing Ro…”
   “Thanks…but couldn’t you pick someone a little lighter?!”
“Stop whining and drag this bucket of lard to the truck”
   Their bodies were drenched in sweat, but they managed to get him to truck and drove off…

He sat at the edge of the cliff twirling the femur like a baton, earnestly thinking…
It wasn’t what to do with the body, but where to hide it until he wanted it found.


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