“Another Day At The Office”


Whisper whisper, giggles giggle… just another day at the office.
    I had a wonderful weekend getaway to Newport RI with my wife 2 weeks ago
. image

We spent the weekend looking at the above view…even a writer can be rendered speechless at such beauty. We faced, somewhere like 25-30 mile an hour winds. But it was still a wonderful break from work, shopping, laundry and yes, the kids we love. We returned home with smiles on our faces…the smile faded, at least for me.
Not 10 minutes after punching in did I regret my choice to go back to work… let me explain before I complain. I went back to college late in life and after graduating couldn’t land a job. I spent a year looking, then decided with my wife to do what I dreamed, write. So the following year I pursued my passion and published to boot!
Before college I worked in retail, construction and my last stop was in a school for children with Autism. I worked in group homes as well with that agency. In all the worlds and different places I’ve worked I have never seen people purposely sabotage another. The language and actions were usually professional. So you can imagine my shock when I was hired to be an extra in “Mean Girls”!
The constant grade school behavior is sometimes intolerable, especially for the faint of heart… at the moment when I was about to erupt in my own defense I was reminded of Christ. He suffered unjust humiliation, scorn, imprisonment and death. So I’m in good company…what’s my crime? I don’t join in with the complaining about my boss or the office gossip. Gone are the days of working for myself. I am without a doubt grateful for the Lord’s blessing of a job, I can however, do without the childish behavior of grown adults.
My wife reminded me the other day that God prospered Joseph while he suffered unkindness in Egypt. Dear reader, keep pushing forward doing your best. And if you get the chance to vacation in Newport, run don’t walk to your car or rental. We hope to return during the warmer months to enjoy an afternoon sail or to just enjoy sitting quietly by the ocean….

Until next time.

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